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Testimonials for
the E-Book:

 Dear Dr. Raza, I purchased this e book for my daughter who is starting this agonising journey. I just skimmed thru some pages and stopped to congratulate you on this amazing and successful journey of yours. Your summary of your experience will be priceless for the great numbers of children of immigrants (like your parents and my family) who will try to follow your footsteps. Congratulations.
R. N. - parent, Caledon, Ontario

 Dear Asad Raza, I just finished reading the ebook. No regrets of buying it. My money is beyond worth it. Greatly informative and educational! I could not have gather up so much information in such a short time. Many thanks!!!!! Best Regards,
K.A. - Florida, USA 

 I went from knowing nothing to knowing everything about Caribbean medical schools after reading this.
B.K. - University of Toronto 

 With the help of this site and this E-book I am in a much better position. . . and have definitely decided where I will be attending medical school this fall.
K.S. - Univ California at San Francisco 

 I did not even know that there were med schools in the Caribbean, and now I have gained admission and will be attending one.
F.G. - Univ of British Columbia 

 The key about this inforamtion is that it is an actual story of someone who attended a medical school in the Caribbean. . . not just some info copied from websites of the schools. M.H. - Australia 

 Even with a good gpa and mcat, I could not gain admission into any of the New York state medical schools, so I got your E-book . . . thanks so much!
A.S. - Columbia University  

 I applied to med school here in Texas for three years, and I did not get in. So I wanted to attend a foriegn med school and be able to come back here for residency . . . I am glad I found this information.
P.T. - Baylor University 

 Several of my classmates also planned on studying medicine, but didn't get accepted into an Ontario med school. . . the E-book has helped us out in more ways than we can express. Thank you for showing us this path!
J.M. - Univ of Western Ontario 

 There is so much important and crucial info in your E-book. . . I will keep it and refer to it throughout my four years in med school. . . it has been an valuable source.
A.D. - Univ of Illinois at Chicago 

 I purchased two other books about foreign medical schools. . . they were a waste and very outdated. . .this file is up to date and very easy to follow.
B.T. - McMaster University 

 I'll be graduating from Saba University this year and have matched into emergency medicine. Your website and information were a huge help to me. . .the information and open letter to Canadian students is exceptional.
J.V.L. - Michigan State University 

 After four horrible years at U of T, I had given up on all my goals. . .this info showed me much better options. . .thank you sincerely.
L.R. - University of Toronto


 Extremely helpful and informative!

 It has helped thousands of students in choosing
    a school and making decisions.


Find out the requirements and necessary courses and exams you need to have completed in order to gain admission. Admission requirements vary from school to school in the Caribbean.


Important and crucial financial aid information. Details about how to pay for all your medical school costs.


Detailed and complete information about each and every exam: MCAT, USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2 CK, USMLE Step 2 CS (CSA), USMLE Step 3, MCCEE and more. How to study, what books to use, which courses to take, strategies, tips and advice on how to successfully pass all these exams. Special Bonus: a very helpful USMLE High Yield Facts database included.


All the inside scoop on your clinical rotation years. How to do well, what to study and how to maximize your exposure, connection base and experience. Includes info on ACGME accredited teaching hospitals in the United States.


The very best guide to all the immigration issues Non-U.S. citizens face. Includes detailed and exhaustive information about B-1 visa, J-1 visa and the H-1B visa. How to apply and what the Caribbean school requirements are.


Descriptions of Caribbean medical school residency programs and extremely important and vital discussion on State Licensing requirements and how to avoid common and tragic pitfalls when choosing a foreign medical school.


Detailed account of all my years at a Caribbean Med School, including the Basic Sciences years on the island.Clinical Rotations years, including the five core rotations: Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, OBGYN, Surgery and Fourth Year Electives. Summarized Time Line and a wonderful detailed Time Line included.


A beautiful section on how to apply and obtain a Residency position in the United States. All the steps in the process and relevant details and insights about ERAS, NRMP, FREIDA and more. Dozens of the best and most Frequently Asked Questions – Answered. All this and more! Buy it today!

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